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Joan and Ken Roberts
341 Schwartz Rd
Gettysburg, PA 17325

(717) 334-2400

Specializing in reblooming irises, tall bearded irises, species irises, hostas, and unique ornamentals.

2008 Introductions

CONCERTO FOR LLOYD (Joan Roberts '08) 37" M. Sdlg. No. 1936-25: (1633-1: (Clarence x Cee Cee) X Double Dribble) The name was graciously given to me by Clarence Mahan but the introduction of this iris was inspired by Lloyd Zurbrigg. We were wandering around my seedling bed and he saw this iris from a few rows away. He said "Oh Joan, look at this one - it's better than Clarence!" I had originally hoped to name it Lloyd Zurbrigg but alas, it did not rebloom - at least not for me. Looking at the parentage, it might do so in warmer climates.

Light blue stands, darker near the top. Wide flaring lightly ruffled falls are medium blue with a prominent white blaze that is highlighted by deep blue lines around the sides of the beard (which undoubtedly came from Double Dribble). Yellow-orange beards are light blue at the ends. Excellent branching with 8-10 buds. $50.00

CHERRY CHEEKS (Joan Roberts '08) 28" E. Sdlg. No. 1684-5: Sneezy X 1408-5: (734-30 x 734-15: Chocolate Vanilla x 448-10: Ambrosia Delight x Rose Princess). Barely a TB, with only 5-6 buds, this small tall was too pretty not to introduce. Melon with lacy standards and flaring ruffled falls sport a cherry blush surrounded by a melon rim. $50.00

ENCORE LADY (Joan Roberts '08) 36" E & RE Sdlg. No. 1943-19RE. (1684-9: Sib to Cherry Cheeks X 1535-5: 1327- 6: (My Friend Jonathan x 554-4: (Innerst 2449-4: Brandy x Homecoming Queen) x All Reddy)) X 1329-1: (My Friend Jonathan x Her Royal Highness). Elliott Tozier chose the name for this pretty lady. Wide ruffled gold, with a copper fall wash and a gold rim. Good branching, 7 buds. $50.00

REPEAT PERFORMANCE (Joan Roberts '08) 37" E & RE. Sdlg. No. 2059- 2RE: (Twilight Fancies X Snowed In). This beautiful iris has it all. Branching, bud count, form, large flowers, with ruffling and width and absolutely beautiful color. Standards are icy blue and the falls are velvety dark blue with a small white blaze around the gold beards, tipped blue. And yes, it reblooms! $50.00
TRIBUTE TO ROSALIE (Joan Roberts '08) 34" E & RE. Sdlg. No. 1821- 2RE: (Innerst 4863-3: Established Powers x Flights of Fancy) X Carnival Song. A favorite seedling of Rosalie Figge, prompting Ken to suggest the name. Stands Apricot with a red-violet flush. Ruffled. Flaring falls washed and lined with red violet ending in a darker violet band. Apricot beards, white at the ends. Nice branching, 7 buds.

After having 55 out of 60 days of rain and we couldn't walk, drive or paddle into the garden, most of the irises were lost (5.5 acres). There stood a 6" high iris with a tiny bloom of the most beautiful color I had ever seen. I lifted it out of the mud and put it in a drier bed. I didn't hold out much hope but was pleasantly surprised the next spring to see it growing- and then to have rebloom in the fall was miraculous. It was the only one of the remaining seedlings that rebloomed. This iris must have been meant to be a Tribute to Rosalie. $50.00

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